Know your Bible

The Year of Biblical Literacy is a collaborative project between Reality San Francisco, Bridgetown Church in Portland, The Bible Project, and Read Scripture. The project launched in 2016 at Reality SF and Bridgetown in an effort to provide a comprehensive resource for people to be deeply immersed and thoughtfully engaged in Scriptures in both individual and communal settings. We believe that the Scriptures are God’s self-revelation and self-disclosure; therefore, knowing and responding to the Bible is vastly important.

Biblical literacy has fallen, even though general literacy has been on the rise in society at large. The Year of Biblical Literacy is designed to guide people through the practice of reading the Bible, a practice that our generation has de-prioritized and/or regarded as too difficult. To get started, download the daily reading plan via the Read Scripture App and explore the resources available, including the amazing and beautiful videos by Read Scripture. Find some friends or a small group to participate in the year with!


There are several resources you will use frequently throughout the year. On a weekly basis, you will need to access the daily reading plan, Read Scripture videos, and small group materials. We also have topical sermons, themed lectures, and general resources recommended to help guide your year. Become familiar with these below. All are easily accessible via the "Explore" link at the top of the page.